Birthday part II

(So many photos! Since I figured out an easy was to add lots of photos, I seem to have photo diarrhea. Sorry.)
To continue our festivities for Brian's birthday, we climbed more stairs in Kitano. There were lots of stairs as it is right up on the mountain side. I love Jane's little flower dress.

We got intense flavored sorbets. Very yummy. We really needed something cold.

This is maybe my new favorite photo of my kids. Jane leads a rich stroller life right now but she was happy to get in and eat her cone. After the ice cream stop, we headed home to shower again and change out of our disgusting sweat clothes.

Jane decorated Brian's back pack with the party hats.

She was very proud of herself. I thought she was very clever in how she used to zipper to hold up all the hats.

Right as the sun was setting, we went back to the mountains but this time to ride up a cable car over Kobe. Such fun!!! We all loved it. I was sitting by Colin and he kept giving me little hugs of excitement. I can't remember the last time I was in a cable car and the views were beautiful.

Jane was thrilled.

Here was are at the top. We went up with one of Brian's co-workers and her family and she got this photo of us, moon and all.


We had a snack of crackers, cheese and ham.

Looked through telescopes.

Colin called this His Majesty's Bench.

Then this morning, we had saved and shared a couple of the treats we got for Brian after the kids were asleep (a cream roll and some eclairs. There is a lot of good dairy fat in Japan!) Jane was delighted and abandoned her aloe yogurt when there was a treat option. When Jane realized it was Brian's birthday the first thing she said was "I want birthday cake with fire!" No fire but a fun birthday.
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