Monkeys and Vendors

Came across these great street blockades.

Our kids enjoying the monkey street. I assume there is going to be some construction or something. How much more cheerful to have the street blocked off with monkeys?

If only I had the camera every time there was some cute little animated something.

The street barricade even had some fake flowers, so great.

Not long after we saw the monkeys, we had to stop for drinks. Colin calls them Vendor Machines. He is so funny because he thinks when we buy one that we are getting the one on display. When he bends down to get the purchased drink and he sees there is still one on display, he thinks it is magic. We saw a truck re-stocking some machines close to our hotel and he was sad to realize they were not stocked magically.

We spotted something that seemed like it would be banana milk.

It was very, very tasty.
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