Skipper came to Japan.

There is a lovely park just off of Flower Road very near us. There are no toys and it seems to be a park of beauty where you are probably intended to just sit and look at all things lovely. Our kids had to run. No one told them to stop and people passing seemed to smile so I suppose it was ok. It was near noon and so hot!

Good thing we use Zenni Optical for glasses. Brian's glasses did survive the fall, but glad they did not cost much. We love Zenni!

Here is a Skipper re-cap from 2007. Skipper has made many appearances internationally, but none as good as this:

We had mentioned our Skipper joke on our first post about Tel Aviv, but the spreading of Skipper has reached new heights that I never could have imagined. So to re-cap, I got this Skipper t-shirt from a pile of old clothes my brother Pat was getting rid of. I thought Skipper was funny and photographed well. I started wearing it and made a special point of taking Skipper on trips with me so Skipper could see the world. (Sadly I do not have any of the photos with me, but I have photos wearing Skipper at Zions in Southern Utah, England, and all over Guatemala to name a few of places.) Brian got involved with Skipper in England in 2002 when I thought it would be funny also to get photos of Brian wearing Skipper.

So when we were packing for Israel, Skipper came along too. Then one day when Skipper went to the opera rehearsal, there was a photographer there to take some casual production photos. The above photo is from the Cosi Fan Tutte program. It is a beautiful program, very professional and serious, but there are many photos of Brian in Skipper. I love that the opera going public of Tel Aviv can see Skipper (and there are 12 shows, so LOTS of people will see Skipper.) I personally find this very, very funny and now have a new found love for Skipper.

It is cool to see the Hebrew writing in the program. We feel sort of dumb since we cannot read what is around us and have only learned a few words in Hebrew. We know how to say thank you, and I know the numbers 2, 7, and 9. We knew how to say shalom before we arrived, and we have learned the the words for the sabbath and mint. So we are illiterate and cannot even speak like a 2 year old. It's great.

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  1. rusted sun said...
    I love Skipper.
    Ann said...
    Alisa, you have know Skipper for a very long time. Nice to know Skipper has loyal friends. Now to get Skipper to New Zealand. . .

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