Kobe Oji Zoo

Brian finally had a day off yesterday (first since July 3rd, and that is a long time in the opera world.) Even though there was a 90% chance of rain, we headed to the zoo. It is only two train stops away and was really a fun zoo. In the past 3 years we have been to the San Diego Zoo, the Kansas City Zoo, Mexico City's Zoo, the Paris Zoo, Warsaw's Zoo, Tucson's Zoo, Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, SLC's Zoo, and walked past the Central Park Zoo (but went to play instead). We really like this zoo. It was a good size for little kids, very clean and nice habitats. As a bonus, you do not need to pay for kids until they are school age and the adult tickets were very reasonable. We may have to go back while we are here.

The kids were just as amazed by the pigeons who came to share our snack as they were with the exhibits.

We buy Marine Crackers, which are awesome because they include shapes like squid.

Jane was a pretty good little walking girl. She was excited to see big kitties and bears.

Colin and a Jaguar. It was cool because the large cat habitat let you climb up to the top and see the animals very close.

We enjoyed this guy. There was also a great nocturnal animal house. Very cool and scary bats.

The middle of the zoo has an amusement park. We were able to avoid going on the rides thanks to some awesome huge slide. The slides were so great they will get their own post.


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