Colin has had a fun few days seeing some of his Mom's old college friends and their children. Colin loves other kids. He has not had many kids to play with while traveling, except the day care kids he would play with at a little park in Tel Aviv. Here are some shots (mainly for Brian to look at from Tijuana) of Colin playing with Ruth's two little boys. They had a great time, and it was fun to catch up with Ruth's family.

News from Brian: he crossed the border on midnight Thursday (early Friday morning) with some cast members to get the new Harry Potter book. He said Borders was crazy, more than 2,000 people, but he was able to get a copy from a small grocery store across the way. He finished reading last night and seems quite pleased. All he tells me is that Voldemort does not because Minister of Magic and does not take over the world. I am only a few chapters in, since my reading is interrupted by a certain little guy. Brian is doing well, but we are very much missing him. Colin thinks all phones are just for talking to Dada. Monday, 7/23 is Brian's birthday, so send him your well wishes. (His cell phone even works on and off in TJ).

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