Water baby

Colin had fry sauce all over himself from dinner with my parents at Arctic Circle, so I stripped him down and sent him to play with the water. Fry sauce is one of his new favorite things, and he got it all over his head, arms, and chest tonight. He is now from Utah, christened in fry sauce.

We tend to favor the naked bums on our blog. (They are about the only thing that will get our friends to comment. I get lots of private comments about the blog via phone and email, just not on the blog.) Is not that the cutest little bum? He is doing a little happy dance that he does quite frequently.

Brian and I made a very white little baby.

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  1. DanaLee said...
    Umm naked babies and fry sauce, what a combo for a post! Colin is quite darling, especially his naked bum. And I mean that in a way that is acceptable and not perverted. I don't want me saying his bum is especially darling to come back and haunt me the way drinking pickle juice does.
    rusted sun said...
    I wish I were with you guys in Utah. I want to run through the sprinklers on your mom's yard.
    Vanessa Houssian said...
    This is not really related to the above pictures specifically, more to all of your pictures, your blog, and your comments. They make me miss you guys, your sense of humor, the similar way you see life. Wish you guys were still here, but I'm glad that you keep a blog.
    Julie said...
    Hi Ann, I'm so sorry I wasn't able to make it to Thanksgiving Pointe the other day. T might have informed you that I spent the day in bed, vomiting into my trusty pan while Michael entertained herself and chowed down on cereal all day... all this they say due to increased levels of hCG in my blood. I've had this complication before, as you know, it should subside in about 7 months. I was really looking forward to seeing you after all these years. I tried to call T but just got voicemail so I hope you guys had fun anyway.
    malia said...
    You are funny! I love the water pictures. So awesome.

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