We are a few days behind on the blog since we left Mexico last Monday. We were lucky to get out of Mexico because Brian had visa trouble (lots of visa trouble). The opera had to pay fines and sent us to the airport with a lawyer. (I thought some of my Mexican friends who have had trouble with USA Immigration would think it is funny that we had trouble with the Mexican Migra.) But we did get out and came to Utah Monday night. Sadly, Brian then had to turn around and leave for Tijuana on Tuesday afternoon, and he is there until the end of the month for two more shows. Colin and I decided to sit that leg of the journey out. We miss Brian terribly but we are enjoying being at our new (and old) home.

Here are some photos from the last show of Barber in Bellas Artes.

This is Almaviva (Brian's character's) car. He drives it on stage and then had a very funny scene with George (Figaro) when there is a crazy screen behind them involving a storm, chariot racing, and Indians. (I guess it is kind of hard to explain, you just had to be there.) The show was really fun, and everyone was extra-funny closing night.

Back-stage shrine, for just in case.

Brian starts the opera as Buddy Holly. Here is a bit from the show's review in the magazine OPERA (a British publication):

Stucki’s voice has a tender sound and he knows the Rossini style very well. He is a very good comic actor and also a good guitarist because he accompanied himself during the “Se il mio nome saper” serenade,which was a nice extra touch during the performance. Stucki’s suave, secure hero matched Herrera’s naughty and clever Rosina.

Count Almaviva, Rosina, and Figaro (Brian, Nancy Hererra, and George Petean) I made the photo b/w because Brian still had Nancy's lipstick all over his face from the wedding scene. It is still sometimes funny that as part of my husband's job I watch him kiss other women. . . He assures me stage kissing is not romantic. It's still weird.
But Nancy, George, and Brian were great and it was a very exciting show. The stage director who brought this all to pass was Willy Landin, an Argentine who works a great deal in Buenos Aires. He also is very talented, and I hope he and Brian can work in Argentina sometime. I would love to get back to South America.
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  1. Unknown said...
    Love the pic of Brian as Buddy Holly, very funny/cool.

    While I know that one wasn't yours Anne I Do love your pics in general, so many great ones in there.
    malia said...
    Whoa! Brian you look awesome! I would have loved to have heard you. I bet you were fantastic!

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