Evening in San Angel

Brian here-
This morning we made an aborted attempt to go to the awesome children's museum in Chapultepec (Colin had an interesting night with the babysitter). So instead, we decided to take a family nap (my favorite thing ever) and then take the metro to San Angel. San Angel is a 16th-17th century village that has now become surrounded by the city. But once you reach the cobbled streets, DF feels like its miles away. It's very quiet and serene- a nice change of pace.
This is the Iglesia del Carmen. I think maybe somebody saw the Virgin Mary here. The interior was really cool, but there was a service beginning when we arrived, so we thought we should try to be respectful and not take photos.

The other beautiful church in San Angel- San Jacinto.

A charming courtyard off of San Jacinto. It seems like there is a school here.

Daddy and Colin next to a cool yellow wall.

Some very wealthy people live in the old colonial mansions of San Angel.
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