Skipper in Mexico City

For this to make any sense, it is best to look at the blog entry from May 21 of this year. Skipper is making his presence known around Mexico City.

Brian thought I was not going to photograph his head. He does not love this photo, but I am amused by it. Check out the huge flag on the Zocalo. We were not kidding about the huge flag.
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  1. rusted sun said...
    Is that the real zocalo that Brian is standing in front of? Were there really that many people there?

    I love Skipper.

    Ann said...
    We hoped the photo would look like Brian was standing above the Zocalo, but it is just a photo exhibit of 2006 protests on Paseo de la Reforma. Mexico seems to love protests.

    Skipper misses you and remembers Guatemala fondly--Ann

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