Brian had his second performance Thursday night and I was finally able to go. (Although there were many annoying details that seemed to be conspiring to not let me make it. The most annoying detail was the security guard who, since he did not have my name on his official list, thought I would be a danger to let into the theatre. Brian was there in full costume asking to let me in and the higher-ups in the opera told me to come to that door, but the very important security guard did not want to let me in the theatre. VERY annoying. This was after I got stuck in traffic, had to get out of the taxi a few blocks from the theatre and run between the stopped cars in my *cute new green, non-running friendly shoes. (The shoes are not really so walking-friendly as it turns out, but they are cute.)
But I finally got into the theatre right after the overture and the show was so great! It makes me really sad our friends and family cannot see it. Brian was wonderful and his voice carried very well in the beautiful theatre. He dramatically has to do some very different things in this opera, since he starts out as a Buddy Holly character (which I would have been able to get photos of if the security guard had not seen me as a threat) and then becomes a drunk soldier and a disco-hippie. He was really fun to watch in all his different characters and the audience loved it.

This is George Petean, aka Figaro. (photo borrowed from the newspaper) He is originally from Romania and we have had a lovely time getting to know him and his wife. He was a great Figaro.

Brian at intermission in the disco/hippie clothes for "pace, gioia" as he comes in as Don Alonso. The stage is taken over with hippies, and Brian was most hilarious.

Self-timer from Brian's dressing room after the show. They had a very fancy gala diner last night that we stayed for. When the beautiful dessert came out, Brian commented that it would probably look a little sophomoric to take a photo for the blog. That would have been a bit embarrassing.

*the aforementioned cute green but not running friendly new shoes. We also went to Insurgentes Market during the day and found some really fun silver jewelry with green stones to match them (to replace some green bracelets that Colin hid in our Tel Aviv apartment before we left). I don't like to haggle, but I managed to get about $10 off the vendor's first price.

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