Just if our last entry was not long enough and you are bored, we are working on a temporary way for me to have an on-line photo portfolio. For Christmas last year, Brian and our friend Sue Anne designed and started a photo website for me (www.annstucki.com). Since Christmas, things have been a little too crazy for Brian to learn to be a great web designer, etc. Someday, someday. He really will do it and he will be good at it, but for now the opera is keeping him quite occupied. (A good thing. He is making a living by singing).

So we are still going to add some basic info, but we have TONS of photos to look at on http://stuckiphotography.blogspot.com/

It is kind of too bad I do not have more of the work I did with film readily available to get on-line. Those were different days when I shot with film, but good days too. Anyway, remember me for all your photo needs (if you can find me). I have been a freelance photographer for more than 15 years, which is hard to believe.


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