Opera Bar

We had a late lunch with George and Florina at the famous Opera Bar in the historic district. Pancho Villa celebrated some revolutionary victory here in 1910, and they have kept the bullet hole he put in the ceiling to remember him. There seem to be a lot of different versions of the story, some involving him riding in on a horse, or aiming for a bronze chandelier when he made the bullet hole. (I can never think about Pancho Villa without saying the little rhyme the kids in Soledad Nueva, Mexico taught me: Pancho Villa que come la tortilla con pan y mantequilla.)
The interior was beautiful, and we had a very fun booth.

Colin was done sitting still and went around saying hello to other tables. When he is trying to escape these days, he reverts to crawling.

The actual bar of La Opera Bar.

After arriving back home, Colin was back to his fun time with the keys. It is the one time he stands still, so I can take a picture of his new haircut. We always lament the loss of his little curls, but then think he looks so cute with his big boy haircut.

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  1. Mrs. Hass-Bark said...
    That Pancho Villa was one hombre loco!


    Collin, on the other hand, is one niƱo lindo.
    andi said...
    Now I have to go to the Children's Museum in Mexico. It looks like a good one. How was the germ factor? Funny how I used to start museums and now I am all paranoid of them being Germ Factories.

    ps. I am in Utah until July 24th when we fly to Ohio for a family reunion. Let's get together and play.
    Ann said...
    Miss hass, yes, pancho villa was off his rocker, and thanks for the baby compliment.

    Andi, yes, come to the Mexican Children's Museum. It was very well-managed and HUGE! We very much hope to play in Utah. I have your cell number and my phone will again work next week. Talk to you soon!

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