A quiet life

Here is a quick summary of the week, and again, some photos for Brian since he is missing his family. I have hardly taken any photos recently since I am not visiting cool places all the time, and since I have been a little busy with the new Harry Potter. (Colin does not give me a lot of time to read and I get so tired at night. I did totally love it!) Anyway, it is SO GREAT to have a little break, and Colin is enjoying himself. He does ask for Dada a lot, and likes to look at the photos I have of Brian in my cell phone.

Friends from Indiana! It was so great to see Susan and Sue Anne for a bit in Utah. They are even two of the first 6 people to welcome Colin into the world. He loves them and wishes we all lived closer.

Just thought this was funny, Colin trying to grab my camera. I love his little eye.

Colin LOVES my parent's kitty, named Muchacha. The kitty does not love Colin quite as much, but she has done pretty well with him. If there was not a cat in the house, I am not sure I would ever get him inside.

Colin stunt riding on his Nana's toys. He is constantly reminded to sit on his bum-bum. Nana has lots of great toys, but Colin still loves to just play with kitchen spoons.
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