We spent a great little while at the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City a couple of days before we left. It is an incredible museum, and since my undergraduate degree is in Anthro (and I even later taught an Anthro class through BYU night school) I thought we should be sure to get there. It was good we did because on our flight back to SLC, who would I run into but Dr. Hawkins, who oversaw a great deal of my Anthro research and later employed me in the department. I would have been very embarrassed to tell him we had been in Mexico City if we had not gone to the Anthropology Museum.

Above is the Aztec Calendar. It was HUGE and amazing!

A lot of the exhibits had little rocks, which Colin tried to eat.

Colin and Brian by the massive water feature. We are not ashamed to put our baby on a leash (as he needs one at times).

From the Mayan exhibit
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  1. Mrs. Hass-Bark said...
    What a cool museum! All of your adventures make me want to travel even more.
    andi said...
    Anthropology - like the store? I didn't see any new clothes in your pictures.

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