Today saw us at the zoo once again. This time we decided to go to one of the paying exhibits. A whopping $5 got us all into the Butterfly and Insect exhibit, which of course Colin loved. One of the few bits of sign language we've taught him is 'more'. He uses it liberally. All over the Butterfly exhibit he was signing and saying 'more, more?'

The big blue ones were our favorite, but they would close up their wings as soon as they would land. They were hard to photgraph mid-flight, but we got some nice shots.

Here's what the outside of the blue one's wings look like. These two seem to be enjoying themselves.

Colin loved the bugs, and he is so cute when he says "bug, bug". This was some huge centipide. He showed no fear of the huge tarantulas either.

La cucaracha, la cucaracha. . . I think these were from Madagascar. We have been lucky enough to see zero bugs in our apartment so far (but Colin may have seen something because he likes to go to the little crack by the stove and go "bug, bug".) In Israel, we had a couple of huge cockroaches that were very traumatic for me. I screamed a lot.
Brian's note: She screamed like a little girl. I've never heard Ann make that sound before. And she jumped up on a chair. Smashing a bug like that is like killing a small animal.
More cute baby monkeys.
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  1. Julie said...
    Que linda! You are an amazing photographer. I love the butterfly pictures they are beautiful.

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