In San Pedro where Alisa Allred grew up, there is a lovely beach and aquarium that was recommended to us by a friend in the area and by Alisa herself since she worked there as a teenager. We headed over on Brian's day off. We first had some time to play in the sand as we got there about 45 minutes before the aquarium opened. Colin loves the sand. The park we go to everyday has sand and he just lays down and makes sand angels. It was really cute because we had been telling him we were going to the big water and when we go there he explained to us that we were at the ocean. His little mind is such a sponge as we could not remember when we told him it was the ocean but he made the connection. Anyway, a nice lady in the gift shop found us a sample of sunscreen since the shop was out of it to sell (and we were quite unprepared). After some sand play we headed over to what we were telling Colin was a fish zoo. We loved the jellyfish (above). They were quite hypnotic.

Colin faces off with a huge lobster.

He loved looking in all the tanks. The aquarium has touch tanks but we were there at the wrong time and they were closed.

Jane enjoyed a nap on her Mommy.

We are getting used to our life here. While Brian is at work I take the kids to the park a lot and we can walk to a shopping area. We have met some very nice people and have a few more old friends to catch up with. It has been terribly hot though and I am ready for Fall, which may just be a dream. We will go home to a few weeks of winter in Utah, but then on to Boston briefly, mild Seattle and North Carolina for Dana Lee's birthday.
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  1. The Wards said...
    I can't tell you how jealous I am of you guys! I miss California all the time. Especially in dull cloudy England. But we do have history here, the closest thing you get in Southern California is the missions. Interesting and worth a nose on a day off. San Juan Capistrano or Santa Barbara if you feel like a bit of a drive. I here it has been extremely warm there. Do you have air conditioning? Or are you like my parents and just sleep with the windows open in the whole house at night and shut them up in the day and live under fan induced windflow?

    We wish we lived closer to your little family too. But that would be difficult since you don't really live anywhere yet. So we'll wait for you to settle down and then we'll see. Martin is starting his PHD next year and after he finishes in about 6 years we could be anywhere! Have fun and go to the beach oft. I highly suggest really early on a Saturday morning, like before 6:00am to go to the beach. Be sure to bring home made hot chocolate in a thermos-like container and find a really good vietnamese donut shop (no winchels, yum-yum or chain store), there are tons in orange county, pick some delicious fresh donuts, bung a blanket in the back of the car and set up camp at the beach. First go wade for shells andr delicious donuts and hot chocolate. This is a sacred Florence family tradition. If you really want to follow the tradition Anne you stay at home in bed and Brian takes the kids to do all of this on his own while you have a lie in! Enjoy!
    rusted sun said...
    I'm so glad you liked the Marine Museum. I have always loved it had spend plenty of time there growing up. I sued to give tours as a young teenager. My favorite part was getting the little kids to dance like a jelly fish. I wish I could have been there with you.

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