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The handful of people who look at our blog are probably a little tired of Disney photos, but since this is a lot of what we have been doing, here is more. I still want Brian to get some night photos since he is better at night photography than I am. Colin likes to look at the blog and since it will eventually become another blurb book, here is more of our time at Disney. I thought Mrs. Incredible was pretty sassy. This is from the Pixar Parade at California Adventure.

Minnie even gave Colin a kiss when we met her this time. As we were leaving the park later this evening, Colin was looking for Minnie at the same place where we saw her in this photo. Since she was not there I told him Minnie had gone to bed and the next day he talked a lot about how Minnie was asleep.

The Haunted Mansion has been taken over by Jack Skellington for a Nightmare Before Christmas and it is very fun.

Waiting in line can be hard when you are two, but he has done overall really, really well.

Jane does come too and has also been a Disneyland trooper. It is nice because she is able to come on quite a few rides with us and when she can't we just take turns.

More from the Pixar Parade. Colin is obsessed with Mater these days. (Crazy soft focus, I know)

Outside Toad Hall from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Colin has been on this ride close to 10 times (the line is usually short and he gets to drive a car which is a good combo).

We got to meet Woody at the Halloween Roundup, but Colin was sad to not also meet his horse. Even just now Colin was looking at this photo with me and all he could ask is "where is Woody's horse?" I told him he had to go to the barn to eat some food and he said "oh yeah" and ran off to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the piano.

Colin gives Jane some love in the stroller. He really can quiet her down when she is fussy. He is so cute because he now sings her "I am a child of God" when she cries and tells her "I know, I know." She adores him.

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  1. Anne said...
    wow, is Colin really 40" tall?? Eve is 2 years older and still 38" - and tall for her age! that is crazy! what are you feeding him? i am glad you are having so much fun in California. we are looking forward to visiting you when you get back!

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