The show opened last night and things went very well. Brian sounded great and seemed to have a good time with it. I am not one to write a review, but I was very happy to see what Brian has been up to and kind of even teared up at the beginning because I was proud of his hard work. I stumbled across the singer who is playing Rosina's blog (Jennifer Rivera) and she mentioned a recent conversation she had with the director:
[he cited a] study Time magazine did a few years back, where they made a list of the 50 most difficult jobs. Number one was some crazy kind of rock climbing without ropes, number three was neurosurgery, and number two was - yup, you guessed it - opera singing. So when people say "it's not brain surgery" we can reply "that's right - it's MORE difficult."
I have no idea how you all do what you do.

The cast all did great and it was a really fun production that was well received.

Colin is dressing as a Pirate for Halloween so he will be excited to see Dada looking like a Pirate, although he is a drunken soldier here. (It will look like a Pirate to a 2 year old).
Photo credit: Nicholas Koon
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