Candy Corn

As part of our Disneyland time, we spent some time at California Adventure (that is where Colin was driving the car in the previous post. They have a cute Bug's Life section). The park is all candy corn crazy, and Colin thought they were real.
We went and bought a bag of candy corn right after this photo. This morning before breakfast Colin was singing a little "I want candy corn" song. A couple of weeks ago I bought some candy corn that I had hidden up in the cupboard but I woke up to find Colin in the kitchen with a chair pulled up to the counter and he had eaten at least 1/2 cup of candy corn. I like candy corn, but only a few at a time. Kind of makes me sick to think about it.
Colin really seems to be infatuated with Minnie. On Monday when he and I were just in Disneyland briefly, our main goal was to see Minnie. When we finally found her, the line to see her was closed so we just waved. Going back to the car Colin was sad because he did not give Minnie a hug. The first thing he wanted to do yesterday in the parks was also to see Minnie. Brian took him to a Playhouse Disney show where Minnie had a birthday and we got to see her right after the show. He again got shy, but I thought it was cute that she kneeled down to greet him. Thanks Minnie!
Colin loves the rides! He likes to go fast. Brian even took him on the Matterhorn and he giggled the whole time. We also went (twice) through the Haunted Mansion that has been taken over by the Nightmare Before Christmas. I was carrying Colin and he kept saying "It is a little scary for me" but then also giggling. We made it on Pirates of the Caribbean and the Jungle Cruise. There were no lines yesterday afternoon on the adult rides, but Fantasyland was still packed. Sadly, we may never ride Dumbo.

We made it to the parade and Colin loved it, although he is picky with his music and was critical of some of it saying "I no like this song!" He kept grabbing our necks to get our heads down to his level to make sure we could see what he was seeing. Jane was a little overwhelmed and started crying.

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  1. april said...
    really, ann, how is colin ever suppose to enjoy a playground again? glad you found minnie; that whole thing cracks me up. i did like the bugs life set up @ California's adventure. when we were there it was so hot that there was a spot where you could play and water would shoot up at you. glad colin liked pirates. does he like it's a small, small world? fritzy loves to pretend to drives car too; i think he would ADORE actually driving one. "i spy" books with fritz are let's point out all the cars we can find.

    glad you're living it up!

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