Growing Jane

Jane did something this week that we were not expecting. She cut her first tooth and the second is not far behind! This took me by surprise because Colin did not get his first tooth until he was over 9 months old. (He made up for lost time and had all the teeth a 2 year old has by 18 months). It kind of made me laugh in retrospect because as first time parents with Colin we were so obsessive for months about his teething. Then with baby #2 I turn my back for two seconds and she has a tooth. She does not seem bothered or even drooly and I cannot believe she is in such a hurry to grow up. She is now asking to have her ears pierced and to wear accessories on her head. (Just kidding, and Brian and I have had a strict no gluing bows or big headbands on our baby. She has made it 4 and 1/2 months now with nothing on her head but hair. )
Mainly because it was something for me to do last night, (it is little obvious that I have less to do when we travel so I come up with little blog projects) I organized photos of Jane in roughly 2 week increments.
Hours old

Two weeks

One month

Six weeks

Two months

Sweet photo with her Daddy's hand

10 weeks

Three months

Fourteen weeks, and planning how to take over the world.

Jane has been in a hurry from the beginning, It was just last September when we started to think about another baby and then two weeks later we were pregnant (much, much faster than we thought). Her timing has been so amazing since her birth made it so we could be home this summer for my Dad's last days. We are very grateful she is here.

During my growing up my mom had a cross stitch on the wall that I obviously looked at because I think I have it memorized. It said something like:

I hope my children look back on today and see a mother who had time to play.

For there will be time for cleaning and cooking but

Children grow up when you're not looking.

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