My lovely niece Chelsea has been posting about their beautiful Fall in Vermont. It makes me nostalgic and wishing for some Fall weather and colors instead of the continued summer of Southern California. Oh well. The above photo pretty well explains itself, but it does not say that at the time I was pregnant with Colin and we were in Utah for a retreat with my work. We arranged for Brian to come and cater the weekend (because he can do anything, quite literally) and one afternoon on our way home we drove up the Alpine Loop. We did get a chance to drive this same route before we left Utah but it was before the aspens were golden like this. We saw some great colors near Sundance. On our drive this year we also had a cranky 2 year old who had a stinky diaper and did not want to nap and a crying infant who we had to pull over for me to feed at the summit. We also forgot the camera due to so many other things to remember. But my equally lovely sister-in-law (who is responsible for Chelsea being here) wrote a great post about learning a lesson "in seeing the wonderful beneath the veneer of the ordinary." I kind of needed that reminder today with my kids, especially when I was wiping the spit up off my neck and back and while dealing with my tantrum boy. Thank you Minnesota Hinckleys! We have many beautiful small things in our life.
And it snowed 3 inches at our home in Utah today. Maybe we are not missing as much as we imagine.

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  1. april said...
    i know chelsea's posts are making me drool so much that i want to go to vermont too! (yeah, i know that i am surrounded by some beautiful leaf change here in ct, but i'm thinking vermont is even more amazing.) i hadn't read susan's post yet, so thanks for sending me that way. it was a great reminder. it was good talking with you the other day; thanks for the call.
    Jake and Chelsea said...
    i am so glad you like the leaves! i can't stop staring at them. I also feel so honored to be mentioned in the famed stuckihouse blog! We are getting very excited to see you guys in Boston! We have been doing so many things locally that we haven't even travelled that way yet. Do let us know the details of the show as it gets closer!

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