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Here are a couple more photos from the show (courtesy of the OC Register)

Here is Brian's bit from the OC Register's review:
Brian Stucki, as her suitor in disguise Count Almaviva, introduced a plush, lightweight tenor, evenly gauged and delicately ardent.

We also liked this comment on the OC Arts blog:
Young Brian Stucki promises to be a world class bel canto tenor if he sticks with the repertoire. He seems to have it all (looks, voice, acting talent, intelligence) and he was able to convey both sides of the Almaviva persona (head-over-heels in love young dufus and imperious artistocrat who expects people to jump when he commands) And his glorious Rossinian embellishments (along with those of Jennifer Rivera) were to die for. I’ve seen Barbiere many times and never heard anything like those two. (Stanford Olson came close in his youth.)

(Thanks Bill Keiser)

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  1. sestissimo said...
    Yay! I love your blog and love your beautiful photos, Ann! And I'm so excited that you quoted my blog! We're like blog buddies now! (Brian WAS great- you're right!) Could I possibly use more exclamation points?!?!?
    susan m hinckley said...
    Stan (Olsen) is pretty awesome, so it's high praise. Our quartet actually did several stints with Stan as our tenor when we used to sing at ZCMI for the holidays (I know -- hard to imagine Stan Olsen and I singing at the same time and place). But many thanks for sharing the pics, since we never seem to be in the right place at the right time to see Brian perform. We'll have to concentrate on remedying that situation soon. Between Brian's voice and your pictures, Ann, you guys are quite a formidable talent package!
    peteanfamily said...
    hello you all !!!! thanks for your comment !!! Even if I stopped posting all this time, I visited with big pleasure your blog, and enjoyed your nice moments & pics !!! We are pretty sure Brian is doing GREAT ''The barber'',he has a beautiful and perfect voice for it! ...We enjoyed him so much in Mexico DF, and we do hope they will sing it together again , sometime !!!! Say hello to him, and have fun there at disneyland :) ! bye bye

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