Teenage Friends

We are lucky to still keep in touch with a lot of people we knew as teenagers. Ted and Juliet fall into that category since we all met our freshman year of college. They came to visit from Arizona so we could take our kids to Disneyland and to go to the opera. We love seeing them and are always sad that we do not live closer together. Their little girl is just 3 days older than Colin and they do pretty well playing together. Colin has missed her terribly since she left. She was not a big fan of many of the Disneyland rides. I think the above photo summarizes a lot of her Disney Day. She loved the Princesses, but the first ride she went on was Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, which is a little scary (he ends up in hell). Brian did not think much about taking her on it because Colin loves it (since he gets to drive a car). Many of the rides are quite dark and could be very scary to small children. We still had a great time and both kids loved the parade.

Ted and Juliet are also expecting twin girls in a few weeks! Juliet is about the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen and I was so impressed she made the trip to see us.

Colin looks a little too big to be in a stroller, but he is still only 2 and gets tired from walking. We realized he is 40 inches tall so he can go on pretty much everything except the Indiana Jones ride. Since he loves the Matterhorn, we are going to try him on a few other big rides. Brian and I took turns on the Indiana Jones ride and when I told Colin Dada was on a little scary ride Colin answered "I want to go on a scary ride too!" I think we have a little dare devil.

We brought the camera to the Sunday matinee. Here is Brian still wigged and made-up.

Ted has been a very loyal fan for years (15+ years). Thanks for the visit!
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  1. rusted sun said...
    How fun to go to Disneyland with old friends and kids. I'm exited for Ted and Juliet. I imagine they have a better idea about what to expect with twins than I did.
    Christie Norris said...
    I miss Ted & Juliet! They need to get on Facebook!

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