We went back to John and Christina's after the zoo and they shared some of their delicious pie with us from Julian Pie Company. They had gone apple picking the day before and picked up this treat.

Pumpkin Apple with a streusel top, very nice! We will be experimenting to make our own pumpkin apple pie.

Eating the pie made us more hungry. As we were intending to drive home Brian thought of a fish place in the Gaslamp district he went to eat at while he was working in Tijuana last summer. I was a little unsure since our kids were so tired, but they had outdoor seating, a fountain, and many trains and taxis for Colin to look at. The food was so good and the kids did pretty well. We were sad we did not think about it sooner because we would have tried to convince Christina and John to come too.

Colin loved San Diego, and we did too. When we got back to our little house it felt like we had been gone for more than just a day trip.
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  1. DanaLee said...
    Oh my gosh!!!! Julian pies were a total mission treat. You really should go up to Ramona one weekend and get some for yourself. My favorite is their strawberry rhubarb. Seriously, make you cry good.
    susan m hinckley said...
    What a delightful life you guys are having! All I can say is it's easy for me to see the wonderful underneath your (for the Stuckis) ordinary. Ann, your photos make your blog so beautiful. And make Jane STOP THAT GROWING!

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