Sometimes awake

Since Jane has been asleep in the last two post, thought I would photograph her while awake. She is a very delightful little girl. She coos and hoots like an owl and has a very happy nature. She is getting very big and length-wise needs the 6-12 month size. She is the perfect little travel size/age: not too young and not yet mobile or eating solids (just eats at Mom's so no bottles to worry about).

Jane looks a lot like my sister's twins here to me. They are turning 8 this month.

She wonders when will the photos will end. This was my last shot.
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  1. april said...
    ok, is that the jumper i gave you? i LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that jumper. it's so fun to see it on jane. i love how light her hair looks (is light now?) and you can see in her face she's thinking bigger baby thoughts (did that make sense?).

    the museum looks fun. sorry colin missed the chance to feel things. jake absolutely loved touching all the water critters that we felt at some musuem or maybe it was the zoo in washington, d.c. (boy, i'm getting old as i have no idea exactly where we were.)
    Jeanie Hinckley Rennie said...
    Jane really is turning into such a blondie. She just gets cuter and cuter. Can't wait to see all of you in December. Mike made a comment about how hopefully Brian will be able to come to church with us so that people will think we're cool when they here him sing. Nice to live vicariously through Brian's talent. Be sure to tell Colin that once Christian was stung by a jelly fish in Vancouver- he might think that's cool.
    Jake and Chelsea said...
    it looks like jane is turning into a person! look at all that fluffy fluffy hair! she is so cute. but your description of spit up and stinky diapers is making me think that it really is okay for me to wait a while longer...much longer...

    they say that maternal instincts kick in sometime, but i have yet to feel that wrong?

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