Mickey's House

We finally made it to Disneyland yesterday, or Mickey's house as we have been telling Colin. Colin has been properly prepared (or brainwashed?) because Sue Anne got him 3 DVD's of old Mickey cartoons from the 20's, 30's and 40's along with Toy Story and Monsters Inc. We love the old cartoons and some of them are very crazy. (There must have been a lot more chewing tobacco back in the day because there are lots of spittoon jokes, along with chamber pots and several deal with alcoholism and involve animal abuse, but they are mainly just crazy little music videos.) He has been transformed by Mickey and kind of cannot get enough of him, although his true affections seem to go for Minnie. He is always very concerned when she is not in a cartoon.

In Toon Town, we first went to Minnie's house to find her but she was not there. Colin now talks about how we have to find Minnie. I was asking him yesterday where she was and he told me she had gone to the store to buy bananas. Mickey was home, but the line took Brian and Colin about an hour to see him. When Colin got there he was very shy. He loves looking at these photos.

We also met Pluto and Colin was also shy. It must be a little overwhelming for a 2 year old to process.

We will be back to Disneyland as much as we can since buying the big pass was a better deal. Since we are close we can just head over for a couple of hours. To get an even better deal from our pass, I think we will be there a lot, which I do not think Colin will mind.
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  1. Kristy said...
    I wish that we were still in CA to hang out with you guys!!!! Levi will be 2 on Wednesday. Que locura. Your pics on the blog are so amazing. You have to put together a book of photography. You are such a super star!

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