San Diego

Brian's day off was yesterday so we headed to San Diego to see our old friend's Christina and John. I worked with Christina in Costa Rica in 1995 and met John when he and Christina were in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic but came to meet me and some friends in Guatemala for a wonderful adventure in 2001. Lucky for us, they are members of the San Diego Zoo. Christina got us in and took us on a personal tour, which was nice since it is such a big zoo. It was a lovely day and even though Colin looks bored in his stroller, he did quite like the hippos. He has been trying to give up his nap and gets very tired.
Sweet baby Jane
Trees like this are still a novelty for us.
Brian took the photos while I fed Jane under the novelty tree. Colin had a great time playing with Christina and John's little Luciana. They played best when there were not many toys around for Colin to try and control. Even so, Colin thought Lucy's ball was his.
I love this photo of Luciana going after the monster toddler.
She is a very sweet little girl.

Jane enjoyed munching on her blanket. We think we can see a bottom tooth coming in.

And John helped rescue his child from the ball thief.

We had a very nice day with John and Christina. They are expecting a new baby early next year. Christina and I have come a long way from when we used to go into San Jose, Costa Rica and find attractive men to follow. We were a lot younger then.

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  1. Jake and Chelsea said...
    okay that picture of jane in the pink hat is about the sweetest thing in the whole world.
    malia said...
    oh my goodness! colin is like a little boy now!!! wow! he has grown up so fast. and little baby jane is darling.

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