5 hour walk

Here’s a map of the walk we took today. The map shows ALL of Paris. Paris is very big. We followed the red pathway shown in counter clockwise motion starting and ending at the yellow dot. The walk was undertaken by 1 able-bodied slightly sleep deprived man, 1 20 week pregnant woman, and 1 23 month old boy in stroller. Will post photos of the sites tomorrow. Too tired- traversed half of Paris twice today. Yes, we know about the Metro.
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  1. jungleprincess said...
    Wow, I'm loving all the new photos! I'm very impressed by your long walk, and I think it's pretty cool you DIDN'T take the metro. You see so much more walking (duh!)--What I'm trying to say is that whenever I'm in a new place, I always prefer walking too. I'm glad you have such a great traveling baby. Way to go, Colin!!

    Hey, did you find out the gender before you left?
    jungleprincess said...
    Oh, I just saw that it's a girl from a previous post. Congrats!! I love having a girl so much. Please tell Brian that I also didn't know what I'd do if I had a girl (I always pictured myself as a "boy" mom), but Squeak has been the greatest girl I could ever imagine, and she is so much fun!
    Ann said...
    Yes, we also like seeing a city by foot. (Although one of our main walking areas has its share of sex shops and hookers. It was sad walking to church today and seeing the ladies out looking for work even early Sunday morning.) We could have taken the metro but with the bother of folding up the stroller, etc, it is just as nice to walk.

    And yes, a girl baby. We will be excited to meet her in a few months.
    Ann said...
    Hey TL

    We just mapped it out and we walked close to 8 miles this day. There is a cool website to map out distances I will have to send you. http://www.walkjogrun.net/ It is quite a cool website.

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