Our room with a view

Here is a sunrise taken from our kitchen window the other morning. My opening of the window to take this photo caused a major toddler tantrum as he wanted to play out the open window.

Here is a shot of our servant quarters. The small space has been a lot harder on me than I expected. (The stairs have not been so bad as Colin has usually only has me carry him up about 2 flights. The stairs are still a bit of a novelty for him.) It is a nice little apartment and could be a lot worse, but it has been a little hard. I feel kind of silly having a hard time since I have lived in MUCH more difficult circumstances during my two years in Latin America. I have very different circumstances at present with a toddler and 6 months pregnant. The neighborhood is beautiful with amazing architecture and window shopping. We can only afford the window shopping, especially around here.

Brian got this shot of the moon and the Eiffel Tower last night. We are happy to have this view. I hope the former servants enjoyed it too.
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  1. andi said...
    What, that is your freaking view? From your house? Quit your belly-achin' already, woman!
    Ann said...
    Yeah yeah, I know I would not get much sympathy since we were in Paris. The environment just made me more depressed than I have been in a long time. Nothing some sunny weather and a few nice days out in our final days of Paris could not fix.

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