A few things we will miss from Paris. . .

On our second to last night in Paris, walking home we were lucky to encounter the last of this beautiful evening light. We ended our stay with two days of beautiful, mild weather which seems to make everything better. We traveled home well. Colin was such a great little traveler, even on our more than 8 hour flight and two other connecting flights (Paris-Chicago-Las Vegas-Salt Lake). We spent the night in Las Vegas and were able to meet a dear friend for a breakfast buffet at Caesar's Palace. It was amusing to come from Paris to Las Vegas, since the Strip has such a fake beauty. I'll have to encourage Brian to post about the concert. He sounded great and the audience could not get enough.

As we were walking away, the strobe lights began firing- marking the 6:00 hour.

The chocolate one was filled with creme brulee.

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