Polytheism in France

We are still working to get a new schedule worked out. Colin is still having a bit of a rough time at night and Brian is too. I would love to get more sleep but Colin has learned to get out of bed and come around directly to me to by-pass the Daddy who enforces staying in bed. We are in quite a small hotel room and are moving to a two room place this Sunday so that should help. We ruined Colin’s bedtime this evening by taking him on a sleepy walk, with the idea he would fall asleep in the stroller. He has fallen asleep during EVERY other long walk we have taken him on since arriving, even when we didn't want him to. However, we made the BIG mistake of walking by the Christmas windows near the Galeries Lafayette when he was nearly asleep. They were beautiful windows with many very fun marionettes, but they were a little too fun and Colin more than woke up and now, close to midnight, is still awake. I have been banished to our bathroom as Brian tries to get him to settle down since he only wants to cuddle with me, but that then turns into playtime. I have been sitting in this bathroom for a long time now. . . We are both quite tired and are not thinking totally rationally about the whole situation. Brian in his sleep deprived state feels like Colin is just playing him like a puppet, though he knows that Colin is not consciously manipulating. He just is always looking for a good time and sleep gets in his way.

The Crypt of the Pantheon

Pantheon detail- lots of neoclassical

Afternoon stroller nap for cute Colin.

Left bank

Including the sleepy walk, we spent close to 5 hours walking today. It was warmer today but with some very light rain. We unsuccessfully tried to go to Sainte Chapelle again, but due to a late start and my low blood sugar crisis and a fair bit of complaining about not eating what a 20 week pregnant woman should be eating, etc we did not make it on time. We went further onto the Left Bank, wandered around the Latin Quarter and saw the Pantheon (overpriced but it was cool to see tombs of Victor Hugo, Rousseau, Voltaire, Zola, the Curies, Louise Braille et al.) Interesting how it started out as a church, but now we get to worship great dead French people.

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  1. Mrs. Hass-Bark said...
    The crypt picture is beautiful!

    I hope Colin begins sleeping soon. I really do!
    malia said...
    oh man! i hope that things can start to settle down for you all. that is tough. sleepy time is so important! my thoughts AND prayers are with you!
    DanaLee said...
    I am reading a biography about Louis Braille right now! I hope you thought of me when you saw his tomb. Sorry Colin isn't playing fair on the sleeping game. Hope your new housing helps the situation.
    malia said...
    i just noticed that you were wearing your red glasses! they look fantastic. :) good job, brian. was she surprised?

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