Colin's friend

On Saturday we met up with our friends from church and in a small exchange for all the help they have offered us (helped us move across Paris and watched Colin for a long time so I could go to Brian's concert), I took some photos of their darling little girl. Too bad this backdrop is not more handy to me. She is a very cute little girl and I love her baby curls. Colin had a great time playing with her.

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  1. andi said...
    I hope you had her mother sign a model release form so you can sell that first picture. Hello!

    BTW - I posted the Zina box today.
    Nate and Sina said...
    Hi, it is Sina and Nate. We ran into your friend from Detroit on the metro last night, who approached us because she happened to recognize Ruby from these pics! We love these pictures and the international recognition our toddler can now claim.

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