In honor of our friend Dana Lee who is suffering the effects of a winter storm this long weekend in NC, Brian sends her these cheerful snowflakes. He has been a bit obsesed with making snowflakes on and when I say obsessed, I mean a great deal of his computer time is spent making snowflakes. I can see the snowflakes reflected in his glasses at times and if he does not turn the computer sound down I hear the little snip, snip, snip sound that the computer makes as the snowflake is made. He is good at it, as he used to be in charge of making snowflakes for his family's Christmas decorations. He hopes someone will find his snowflakes on-line and use them as clip art for an office Christmas party invitation. My on-line time-wasting is spent making a 2006-2007 Stuckihouse book on and getting into trouble on ebay. We hope to do a yearly book from the blog to help us keep track of our comings and goings.

As for now, enjoy Brian's beautiful snowflakes.
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  1. DanaLee said...
    I am suffering, it's not a joke. I appreciate the dedication. I also much more appreciate the snowflakes from Brian, because those aren't ruining my life. Sigh. I was this dang close to IKEA!
    april said...
    kind of funny, i was just on danalee's blog and then clicked her link to your blog. it made for a good intro to brian's snowflakes. in another annie friend related sidenote: earlier tonight, i was trying to find the lyrics to "soy un hijo de Dios" for primary tomorrow and so i googled that phrase. alisha's blog came up in the fifth or sixth position because she had written a post with the lyrics enclosed. crazy and a little scary (i certainly hope my blog doesn't come up high for any google searches).

    anyhoo, love all the pix. glad things are working out well and that you have so many rooms!! enjoy the rest of your time in paris!
    malia said...
    how funny is this post? i love the snowflakes. who knew that they could be so addicting? :)
    Anonymous said...
    Soon after reading this post I heard a story on NPR about snowflakes ( There's a link to a Caltech website dedicated to snowflakes ( Brian might like this.

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