Sacre Coeur at night.

Today we have to be satisfied that we got some crepes, if nothing else. Since Colin's night was so horrendous, the morning was pretty much shot. We managed to get out for lunch, looking for crepes, saw a bistro with a sign for crepes, turned out they only served desserty sweet crepes (not that that's a bad thing, but we wanted lunch). So we had some other kind of blah lunch options and went back to our hotel for a long nap. After the nap, we went out hunting for crepes again. We went up into Montmarte and saw Sacre Coeur all lit up. Colin loved the Funicular which took us up the hill. There was a service going on, so the church was very quiet, except for our child who was chanting, "BIG church...little candles" all around the perimeter. It reminded us of how he meowed like a kitty all the way through one of the Basilicas in Jerusalem. After Sacre Coeur we went over to Place du Tertre- a cute little touristy square all decorated for the holidays. Colin got to run around the little cobble stone streets and we finally had some crepes in a funny little Creperie with an out of tune piano and grafitti all over the walls. Colin LOVES crepes (tacos for him). It was the best he's eaten in several days. Tomorrow we'll try to be more productive tourists.
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  1. Mrs. Hass-Bark said...
    Wow, Paris is beautiful! I'm so sorry that Colin's been having such trouble. I hope he slept well last night!!
    malia said...
    oh my goodness! you guys are so great. i can't believe that you are in Paris already! are you enjoying it? i'm glad that you finally found some crepes/tacos. that actually sounds really good right now...the crepes...not the tacos.

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