Toddler Jet Lag

Oh my. So last night Colin fell asleep in his stroller while we were grocery shopping. Being bundled in his stroller makes him fall asleep (it is strange how warm clothes and confinement in the stroller make Colin very uncharacteristically sedate). We got home close to his normal bedtime, and since he stayed asleep when he got out of the stroller we kind of hoped we were done for the night. Brian and I got ready for bed and tried to turn in early since we are still a bit tired. Around 10pm after we were asleep Colin popped up and said, "hey! baba!!" realizing he had not had his nighttime bottle. We got him in pj's and a bottle with the hopes he would cuddle down to sleep again. Colin however felt it was playtime and stayed up until about 3 am. Brian and I would take turns until we were out of patience. I would try to cuddle him to sleep, then Brian would wear him out by making him go in his bed (which made him cry). I am sure the whole hotel LOVES us, but what can we do? After a total of three bottles he finally settled down for an entire 5 hours. Brian tried to name this post "how Colin became the destroying angel between 10pm and 3am" but I do not want my child called a destroying angel. He will have 1 nap today and is staying up until he is very tired for a full night's sleep.

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  1. malia said...
    you two are so funny! hopefully, he is on a regular sleeping schedule now. :) and hopefully, you two have finally recovered. i am guessing that you have given it is the 4th. i am still on utah time, myself. it's taken longer than normal. i keep staying up until 2 or later. du-umb!

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