Sunshine in Paris

Yesterday Brian had a day off, so before making another attempt to see Sainte Chapelle, we took a train (Colin was in heaven) to the Latin Quartier and wandered around the Rue Mouffetard, a fun little pedestrian byway with lots of shops, dining and an open market. After a rainy morning (good for doing laundry) the sun came out and it was one of the few days of beautiful weather we've had.

Colin fell asleep in his stroller, so we ventured into this little cheap restaurant for lunch. Yummy Onion Soup (funny they don't call it French Onion here) and Creme Caramel. Colin woke up right as we were paying the bill. Hallelujah.

After lunch, Colin got to run wild for a bit in his monkey harness. We love the Monkey harness and it has gotten a surprisingly good response from the locals.

Oh, the joy. We've marketed the harness to Colin by explaining that it is for running. He still doesn't always like to put it on though.

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  1. Mrs. Hass-Bark said...
    When my sisters were little, they had leashes because they liked to disappear. Leashes are definitely not as cute as a monkey harness.
    Anonymous said...
    In the bottom photo of Colin in the cross walk, are you making an obsene hand gesture on purpose?
    Ann said...
    Hey Miss Hass, we had a real leash that went around his waist in Mexico but yes, the monkey is much cuter. I sometimes think people think it is mean but anyone who has spent any time with a lively toddler knows how it is needed. Anything to keep him from running into the street or into a train.

    An Pat, I did notice the somewhat unintentional obscene hand gesture. We have a similar shot where Colin is not smiling and I asked Brian if he wanted to switch out my hand in photoshop but it would have been a pain. Sorry your kids had to see it.
    malia said...
    ha ha. i love the monkey harness. he looks cute in it.

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