Moving Day

We have made it to our 3rd of 4 places to stay while in Paris. It is a little crazy but good too since we get to stay in differnt parts of the city. We started in our tourist hotel near Montmartre, then moved to Cite Universitaire where we still are but had to change rooms. It is very nice because the opera has gone out of their way to find us housing with more room since we are a family. Yesterday we were supposed to be moved to a smaller aptartment with a shared kitchen, but through some sort of miracle, we are in a 2 bedroom with lots of room to play. Our space has grown exponentially as our first hotel had 1 room (and bath) our second had 2 rooms (and bath) and we are now very spoiled with 4 rooms (and bath). The photo above is the view from our bedroom window. It is great because Colin can watch the light rail trains from inside now, but watching the trains also causes tantrums as it is most of what he wants to do (and sometimes we get tired of it). He climbs up on the window sill and can open a litttle window so he needs to be supervised. The only downside is access to our apartment involves some stairs. Since Colin had been demanding "sleepy stroller" for naps, I was nearly in tears wondering how I would transport my sleeping toddler down the stairs. Since he has his own room, he fell asleep at home yesterday. The day before moving I was not just nearly in tears but having a whole little crisis due to moving details. Brian had gone by the office to find out what we needed to do and they told him we just needed to change after 3pm. However, we then got a note under our door asking us to leave our current apartment by 9am for cleaning and that we could move to the new place by 3pm. What was I going to do all day with Colin? (the weather was gross- cold windy rainy). Granted I am pregnant so emotions are running a little high, but Brian sent some emails asking for other arrangments and things worked out very well. We change again on Sunday for an apartment that an opera patron owns. From the apartment it will be about a 20 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower, so even though moving is not so fun, it will be great to also be in that area of Paris.

The new apartment has lots of room for Colin to spread out his toys. It is cute because just recently he figured out how to make his trains and cars drive on the roads and tracks of his little play mat. My Aunt Nancy made this little play mat years ago, maybe even before I was born. It is just a lightweight fabric and folds up easily. For packing purposes I LOVE that Colin's favorite toys are little cars, trucks, and trains.

You can also somewhat see Colin's cute little dirty feet in this photo. He hates to keep socks on and I got him some slippers that are more of a toy and also come off quickly.

Here are some details of the foyer of the building we are staying in. Brian took these photos as Brian has done most of the photography on this trip. He has gotten to be a very accomplished photographer. The building has some connection to the Rockefeller family as they provided funds or something. I would need to check the detials. We do not actually go in here much since our apartment entrance is on the side of the building. Both have been nice apartments with huge tall ceilings. We will have to take some more photos later.

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