Walk home

A few shots from our walk back to the hotel from Notre Dame (here is the Eiffel Tower in the distance). There are still lots of tourists here from New Years which made Notre Dame very crowded and the line too long at Saint Chapelle, so we will go back later. I imagine the Louvre was also a madhouse today. We hope a lot of the tourists clear out by mid-January.

Colin woke up happy from his two hour stroller nap. He goes out well bundled as it is quite cold. Today he wore 2 pair of pants, a shirt and a big wool sweater, jacket, gloves, hat, stroller bunting and extra blanket. He is learning to keep gloves on or complain about cold hands. He also did quite well last night. He slept from 11pm to 10am, with a brief awake period at 2:30am when we demanded a bottle. He took his nap at his normal time today and fell asleep in the stroller tonight while at the grocery store. He is now in bed in all his clothes and we are curious what tonight will bring.

No idea where this was. Brian is in charge of the map and getting us around so I did not really learn where we were.

Our hotel for this week is just up on the right under this bridge. It is a very cute little place, but we have to talk to the manager tomorrow because Colin knocked the TV down. It still works but there is some cosmetic damage. We are lucky Colin was not hurt. Guess we may be buying a TV as a souvenir.

And we have only been here 2 days, but we have yet to eat anything really French. We have had Chinese, Greek, and Paninis. We got Colin to have some bites of food with us by telling him both the Paninis and the Greek sandwiches were tacos. We did get some bread and cheese for breakfast tomorrow, yummy mango yogurt and wonderful white chocolate with apricots and nougat. (Very wonderful chocolate). Tomorrow we will try and get some crepes.
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  1. The only one who writes anything said...
    Just wanted you to know that you suck! :) Paris! I'm so jealous, though on second thought, I could barely handle taking James to Kansas, much less Paris. I'd probably have a nervous breakdown.

    I've been to Paris with students twice, and it was almost like being with toddlers... :)
    singin'mama said...
    Still enjoying my world travels lived vicariously through you guys! A baby girl! Congratulations! Oh how we want one of those... Happy New Year!
    Kristin said...
    Hmmm...I know a manager who likes French (or any kind of European, really) chocolate. Just saying.

    Glad you guys are safe. I need to touch base with Brian tomorrow about something (all good...nothing weird).
    andi said...
    I love how you say that "we" asked for the bottle in the middle of the night. What, exactly, is in that bottle guys?
    Ann said...
    Kristin- Dark, Milk, White? So much to choose from.
    We do need something stronger than milk in our bottles (especially after our second night here). In this case though, it should read 'he'.
    Hello to Brandts and Swans!
    malia said...
    sounds like you are having a grand adventure! :)

    oh and happy new year and merry christmas and all that jazz!
    Kristin said...
    Dark, dark, dark!

    Yum, chocolate!

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