Here is the Christmas tree still hanging around in the Galeries Lafayette (our first stop). So tacky compared to our awesome American mall decor (sarcasm).

We wandered around the beautiful food section in the Galeries, but only the spice ladies (not the Spice Girls) let us take photos. So here are some lovely herbal teas. The cheese counter ladies were quite defensive when Brian wanted to take a photo. Fancy cheese people think they are too good for our blog I guess.

In the Church of the Madeleine (2nd stop). The organ was playing and was going a little crazy with the non-reverent organ music. It was most impressive. Hearing the organ kept Colin quiet so we did not have to hear him yelling "Big church". This photo is for our Catholic friends. I love the long candles, but they are 3-5 euros.

Arc de Triomphe (stop 3 and furthest point of travel), with Brian and Colin under his stroller bubble for wind and rain. He slept for at least 2 and one half hours of our long walk. He is adjusting quite well to his new stroller life, but at Church today was trying to break into people's cars.
The Petit Palais Museum (stop 4). Isn't it petite? It was nice because Colin was still asleep.
The Petit Palais is free. Free Monet!

The obelisk and ferris wheel at the Place de la Concorde, where Louis 16th lost his head. It took four years for the Obelisk to arrive from Egypt.

Just as we were leaving the Champs Elysee, the lights came on. They were really lovely and had a cool synchronized cascading movement. It is interesting however that Paris seems to love mixing little strobes into their holiday lighting. Seems like kind of an American thing to do, but they make it work.

Then we went home via the Louvre and Rue St. Denis, our favorite place to gawk at Paris's prostitutes. Kind of sad actually, even the ones who look young look old.

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  1. andi said...
    What? No pics of the prostitutes? You know I would have taking the picture. That sounds like a good excuse for me to go to Paris.
    Ann said...
    Hi Andi

    Yeah, no prostitute photos. They just make me sad so I prefer to just have vague memories instead of concrete ones. I am a huge fan of what Edwina Gately has done in Chicago with Genesis House as a place of new beginnings for sex workers. There are so many sad stories.

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