Cité Universitaire

We moved from our tourist hotel to the housing provided by the opera yesterday. We are staying in this building, located in the Cité Universitaire in south Paris. I guess this place was built to be some kind of communal living experience for international academics. We did fine in our little hotel room, but we now have two rooms and a kitchen and it is so nice to have a bit more space. Brian had his first reading of the opera today, and when I say reading I mean reading. They actually just read the text- no singing. Kind of interesting, but it's a long rehearsal period, so they have time to get all artsy with it. I went for a sleepy walk with Colin and explored a bit of the huge park across from our place. We hope that this place with a separate place for Colin to sleep will give us more peaceful nights, but last night he figured out how to get out the front door. We have a new security system involving a table knife that will hopefully help tonight.
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  1. Mrs. Hass-Bark said...
    What a fantastic place to stay. I'm a bit jealous. Or maybe a lot jealous.
    Anonymous said...
    So what is this security system involving the table knife? I'm curious and need to know more.
    Ann said...
    Hey Pat

    I'll take some photos of our security system. Brian figured out the table knife situation and it is quite clever. We also always travel with bungee cords for the fridge, etc as we have had to get quite creative with toddler safety in many different situations.
    Liz said...
    Hey Stuckis,
    Looks like you are having tons of fun over there. Be sure & go to Sacre Coure? (The 2nd tallest place in Paris & climb the winding stairs to the top - incredible view. Down from it is Moulin Rouge - just to say you did. Loved seeing the pictures & being able to re-live my short stay there. Liz Fryer

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