Sainte Chapelle

This is why we tried three times to make it to Sainte Chapelle. It's 360 degrees of the most beautiful stained glass on earth. Courtesy of Louis (the 1st, I guess), later became St. Louis. The Chapel was build to house relics of the Passion of Christ (that were dispersed during the French Revolution).

This time there was practically no line, so it seems most of the tourists have gone home. Colin had a fun time without stroller (owing to narrow spiral staircase). He had the monkey on again and thought it was fun to do circles around people standing in the chapel, then say "sorry" to them.

The windows pretty much tell the entire Bible story.


Some views of the exterior

After Sainte Chapelle, we went over to get the train home from Notre Dame. Colin was obviously thrilled to see Notre Dame since the last time we were there he slept the entire time. The Light was beautiful and there is a little playground on the side of the Cathedral, so we hung out a little longer.

We thought it was pretty cool how all these little kids were just playing in the shadow of this monumental cathedral like it's just another playground.

Beautiful evening colors.

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  1. Mrs. Hass-Bark said...
    Wow. The Spanish tourism board TOTALLY lied when they said León has the best windows of all the cathedrals in Europe.
    malia said...
    Wow! Stunning photographs!

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