So today Brian had another impromptu day off and was feeling better. So we took more trains (Colin joy!) to Versailles. It was quite a day. I won't get into the party that was the interior tour until tomorrow. For today- just a few shots of the Gardens and our lunch at a little cafe on the grounds. Versailles is big.

We planned things well. The only sun breaks to be had today occurred in the morning while we were out on the grounds. By the time we were heading in to tour the palace, we were in a lovely wind driven mist.

More monkey harness fun time

Colin likes to have a Mommy hand and a Daddy hand.

One of the many fountains. I think there was a replica/version of this fountain in Kansas City near where we were staying.

In the cafe. We had a nice time when Colin wasn't trying to activate the fire extinguisher situated behind his chair. Tune in tomorrow for more Versailles fun.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    When you were at Versailles did you make it to Marie Antoinette's hamlet? That's my favorite part of Versailles, though, as Paul pointed out when we were there, the English would keep up the hamlet better than the French do. The English would probably even have some kind of wax statue thing going on like at Warwick castle.
    Ann said...
    Sadly, we didn't see the Hamlet. It is under some kind of restoration work right now. I wish Versailles had wax statues throughout, and authentic smells (like the Brits at Warwick). So maybe they are trying to clean up the Hamlet a bit. It was too bad for us too because most of the front entry to Versailles was in scaffolding. I think we should have gotten a discount entrance ticket since we came while things are covered-up. Oh well. Like Brian said, we do not have to go back for a long time.

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