On our way back to the train station we passed this church. It was very tall inside and Brian found the layout strange. The light was lovely.

Colin gets quite a bit of attention with the monkey. A large group of teenage boys were especially amused by our Monkey Boy. Colin was very focused in his walking since we were walking to ride a train. He laughed all the way through the busy train station and at the platform, once a train leaves Colin says "wait" as he anxiously awaits the next train. We hope the trains are teaching him patience.

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  1. andi said...
    All I can say is WHY, WHY, WHY? Why am I stuck in UTAH? Maybe Brian could give Marco some singing lessons and we could go to Paris too.
    Ann said...
    Just come to Paris anyway! In the future we should know with a bit more time when we are going abroad so maybe then you all could plan a trip. There is potential for Brian to be back in Paris so who knows, we will see. . . We would LOVE a Davis visit anytime!

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