Eiffel Tower

Since our servant quarters are close to the Eiffel Tower, we took a little walk there the other morning. It was a very bright morning.

Colin admiring the "big tower" as he was saying.

There was a park across from the Eiffel Tower where Colin had a great time. He thinks he is the only child allowed on the playground toys these days. When other kids also try to play Colin starts yelling "no sharing!" since we have told him over and over to share. I am quite glad most people do not know what he is most enthusiastically expressing. He needs a sibling, and we are working on it.
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  1. Anonymous said...
    COlin and I have the same hat! However, I have been using mine as a tea cosy since it is so warm here in scotland, I rarely need to actually wear it
    (it looks pretty cute on my tea pot too... I should send you a photo...)
    miss you.

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