We had a quite day since Brian was feeling a bit under the weather. He is feeling a fair bit better. He did try to ruin our whole night since we were sharing a pastry and he ate all the cream filling in his penultimate bite making my last bite very sad. (Just kidding Brian). Here is Colin looking out our window at the trains. He can open this little window and I am sure he could fit through the window if he wanted to, hence the need for supervision. We are on about the 3rd floor. He is pretty cute when he opens the window because he yells down to people walking by and they occasionally wave up to him.

We saw this very cute maternity shirt on our way to the zoo the other day. I am only 21 weeks so am not showing a lot, but we loved the shirt. The French roughly translates into "my most beautiful love story". Tender, tender.

For the drama, I added some padding to my belly. Here is my first beautiful love story, or my second one after Brian of course.
Below is Colin in perfect toddler form.

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  1. april said...
    love the shirt and the photos! still looking hot, annie!

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